A Search for Blinking Black Holes!

Take a look at some of the data as this initial International campaign comes to a close. As you know, we will continue our series of studies focusing on quasars. The purpose of this campaign was to investigate refractive interstellar scintillation timescales of these sources, which have all been observed to exhibit large intra-day variations. We will continue to monitor quasars as GAVRT can provide extremely valuable data at both x and s-band frequencies today and in the future.


On behalf of the entire QVS Team, we would like to thank all of you for participating in this exciting event!


Dr. Dave Jauncey, CSIRO, Australia

Dr. Hayley Bignall, JIVE Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe, Netherlands

Dr. Mark Hofstadter, GAVRT Lead Scientist for NASA / JPL, Pasadena, CA

Dave MacLaren, Director, Global Programs, GAVRT

Kim Bunnell, Manager, Global Operations, GAVRT