Opportunity for Teachers
The Lewis Center for Educational Research (LCER) announces an opportunity for K-12 teachers and students to participate in a unique science education partnership. In partnership with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the LCER is offering the Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope (GAVRT) program that enables students to operate and control a 110-foot, 500-ton deep space radio telescope located at NASA's Deep Space Communication Complex at Goldstone, California.

Students actually take control of the massive dish via the Internet to study a variety of radio sources in space. They collect and analyze data that goes into a database used by professional scientists worldwide. Much of the student data are published in professional journals, which demonstrates to students the importance of their data and contributes to the "team building" goals of the GAVRT program.

The Purpose of the GAVRT program is to provide students and educators with curriculum vehicles that will promote science literacy, support a better understanding of the scientific community, and to provide the opportunity to collect real-time data with sophisticated science equipment through distance learning.

Teachers can either attend an in-depth five-day training session at LCER or complete online training at your own pace free of charge. Training will prepare teachers for pre-mission classroom activities and for the on-line antenna sessions.

The LCER is proud to announce the inclusion of Radio JOVE to the five-day GAVRT training beginning in 2010. Radio JOVE is a NASA Education Program that brings the radio sounds of the Sun, Jupiter, the Milky Way Galaxy, and terrestial radio noise to students and teachers. You will be able to build a simple radio telescope kit, make scientific observations, speak with professional radio astronomers, and interact with radio observatories in real-time. Their main goal is to motivate students to learn about science by participating in a scientific activity, making measurements, acquiring and analyzing data, and sharing and discussing their results with observers.

For information on teacher requirements, technology requirements, financial commitment, and training schedule, click links at left. Additional information or an application through the mail may be obtained by emailing gavrt-info@lcer.org or calling (760) 946-5414 ext. 262.