General Requirements:
  • Participant must be currently teaching in a K-12 classroom.
  • Participant must be interested in participating in a radio astronomy science project.
  • Participant must be self-motivated.
  • Participant must be a team player.
  • Participant must have an interest in math and science.
  • Participant must have an email account.
  • Participant must have principal's (site administrator) signed commitment to project.
  • Participant must have School District's signed commitment to project.
  • Participant will satisfy ALL prerequisites prior to this training.

Participants are assumed to possess the ability to:

Operate a PC computer system (basic computer literacy)
  1. Open and close files
  2. Send and receive e-mail
  3. Browse the Internet
  4. Basic experience in working with spreadsheets (Excel)
  5. Have a working knowledge of networking and software installation OR have support of school/district technology representative for setup assistance.

It is recommended participant download, read and complete quizzes from "Basics of Radio Astronomy" (download from

For more information, contact or call (760) 946-5414 ext. 262