Lisa Lamb, President/CEO, Lewis Center
Lisa Lamb is the President/CEO of the Lewis Center for Educational Research. Prior to this position, she served as the Chief Academic Officer. Her tenure at the Lewis Center began in July 2008. During this time, she has served in the roles of AAE teacher, AAE Middle School Vice Principal and AAE K-12 Principal. Lisa began her career in Barstow Unified School District as a teacher, and then administrator, working with a largely underserved student population. In 2005, she was honored as the Walmart Teacher of the Year and also the Teacher of the Year for Barstow Junior High School. Currently, she is a member of the California Charter School Association (CCSA), CCSA Capitol Advocacy Liaison, CA HELP Governance Council, Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce, and High Desert Church. Lisa hold Master’s Degrees in Educational Administration and Curriculum and Instruction.
Shannon McConnell, GAVRT Project Manager, JPL
Shannon has been introducing students to the excitement of space exploration since 1998. She has led the Galileo Outreach Team, the Cassini Formal Education Team, and the Deep Space Network Education and Public Outreach Office.

Before her work in outreach and education, Shannon worked mission planning and design for the Cassini Spacecraft, sequence design and execution for the Galileo Mission, and data analysis for the Magellan Mission. Shannon also spent 1993-1994 working payload operations for 2 Space Shuttle Flights managed by JPL.

Shannon holds bachelors and master’s degrees in Astronomy and Environmental Engineering from the University of Southern California as well as being a Committee Chair for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, National Association of Interpretation, National Science Teachers Association, and National Council for the Teachers of Mathematics.

Shannon has traveled to 50 countries on all 7 continents and is always on the lookout for a new adventure. Shannon lives in Altadena, California.
Dr. Steve Levin, GAVRT Lead Scientist, JPL
Dr. Steven Levin is the Project Scientist for Juno (a spacecraft which arrived at Jupiter in July, 2016) and the lead scientist for the Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope project. He has been at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for over 25 years, working on topics such as the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, modeling radio emission from the Jovian radiation belts, and measurements of magnetic fields in cold molecular clouds to improve our understanding of star formation. He is also passionate about education, frequently giving science talks to students and the public, and is currently president of the Board of Education in Culver City, California.
Ryan Dorcey, Director of Information Technology, Lewis Center
Ryan has worked at the Lewis Center for Educational Research since 2002. Throughout his tenure, he has held various roles including Systems Programmer and Manager of Global Operations. He is currently serving as the Director of Information Technology and Global Programs. In his role, he is responsible for all educational technology initiatives at the Academy for Academic Excellence and Norton Science and Language Academy, as well as the Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope (GAVRT) partnership with the LCER and JPL/NASA. He actively supports NASA/JPL missions such as Juno and GAVRT campaigns including: Black Hole Patrol, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), Jupiter Quest and Solar Patrol.
Kelli Cole, GAVRT Lead Operator, Lewis Center
Kelli Cole has been working for the Lewis Center for Educational Research since July, 2001 and began working with GAVRT teachers and students in December, 2001.  When she began working at the Lewis Center as an office assistant, she never imagined that she would be offered the unique opportunity to not only operate a 34-meter telescope on her own, but to also guide students in doing the same, collecting real data for NASA/JPL scientists in the quest to gain more knowledge about the universe that surrounds us!  In August, 2011, Kelli had the once-in-a-lifetime experience when she attended the launch of the Juno Spacecraft from Kennedy Space Center in Florida – and stood alongside several GAVRT students who were also invited to witness the launch.  Since she started with GAVRT almost 17 years ago, she has had the opportunity to work with thousands of students from across the world – and each experience is just as rewarding as the ones before it.

Prior to working at the Lewis Center, Kelli worked in the Foundation Department at St. Mary’s Hospital in Apple Valley and she also spent 5 years working for the local newspaper in the High Desert as an Editorial Assistant and staff writer.

In her free time, Kelli enjoys spending time with her family and friends and, although she has loved working with GAVRT in many capacities, she is preparing to retire her position at the end of June and will be moving, with her husband, to Nebraska in order to be closer to her 3 precious grandchildren – Ayden, Ashten, and Ayla.  In her own words, Kelli said, “This has been the most rewarding career I have ever embarked upon.  I have experienced so many unforgettable things that would not have happened had it not been for GAVRT, and I am truly grateful for having been given this opportunity.  The people I have had the honor and pleasure of working with throughout the years will remain forever in my heart and, while leaving will definitely be difficult, I am so excited for this next chapter in mine and my husband’s journey!
Nancy Kreuser-Jenkins, GAVRT Operator, Lewis Center
Nancy has worked in the STEM field since 1980. Prior to coming to becoming a GAVRT Operator at the Lewis Center in August 2007, she worked at TRW as Sub Project Manager. Through GAVRT, she has been involved with various campaigns such as: Spitzer, LCROSS, Uranus, and the Quasar Variability Study. She is currently working on Black Hole Patrol, Jupiter/JUNO and SETI. Nancy, along with the GAVRT team, has trained over 100 teachers and thousands of students across the globe. This school year alone, she has worked with 29 schools in 17 different states and 2 foreign countries – Australia and Chile.  She has helped over 4,500 students do “real” science utilizing a 34-meter radio telescope from their classrooms.
Debbie Gaidzik, GAVRT Trainer and Science Teacher, Lewis Center
Debbie has been a secondary science instructor at the Lewis Center since January 2004. After receiving her GAVRT training that same year, she began teaching radio astronomy to her Physical Science classes, as well as teaching the Space Science class at the Academy for Academic Excellence. She has participated in numerous missions including: Mars Exploration Rover Project, the LCROSS moon mission, SETI mission analysis, and the current Juno mission. Her mission participation includes: proposal development, curriculum development and assessment, as well as integration and radio telescope operation with her students. In addition, she has worked with educators across the globe as a GAVRT Trainer since 2008.
Matthew Huffine, GAVRT Curriculum Developer, Lewis Center
John Leflang, Software Programmer and Patron Saint of GAVRT
Dr. David Jauncey, Radio Astronomer